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daisi - May 3, 2010

The Others

daisi - May 3, 2010
the others

As part of my trip to “the farm,” I got to see my little cousins. Since I’m so old compared to them, I am cousin-aunt Daisi, which is okay with me. They are super smart and super fun and I should probably visit them more often. These are my dad’s brother’s kids.

Here is Miss Sarah Nicole. She will be a writer one day. She wrote a newspaper for me while I was there. Actually it was an ad asking for “Lady Help” needed – aka – she wanted me to play with her.

This is Matthew (and my baby brother T.J.). Back story: T.J. was working on cutting down a tree in my grandparent’s front yard and hauling it off. Hard work I assume. He decided he needed to work shirtless for whatever reason. But Matthew who was watching T.J. also decided that he would work better without his shirt. Too cute!

And this fantastic little monster (his suggested baby name from Sarah) is Andrew. He’s the loudest, fastest, craziest little boy I’ve seen in a while. And he has the cutest, raspiest voice. I love it!

This is the OTHER Bross family. Adorable.


  1. I wish you would just throw a picture of Tony Danza, your family's male housekeeper from New York, in this post to go with that whole "Whos the Bross" thing….. 🙂

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