Cinco de Mayo!

daisi - May 6, 2010

Happy Mother’s Day

daisi - May 6, 2010

Thunder Up

daisi - May 6, 2010
OKC thunder

This is an incredible story about our incredible team. I was lucky enough to be there (thanks for the ticket Maria!) for that game, although I am ashamed to say that we left the minute the game was over and missed the standing ovation from the crowd. Its okay, I probably would have cried or something.

You guys can judge all you want, but we left early because there was an unfortunate creeper sitting behind us and he thought I was his new girlfriend. So much of a creeper that he took pictures with us. And by us, I mean his friend shifted the camera to only capture a picture of me and the creeper! Thanks to Maria for pointing this out to me. Creepy. Really.

Great season! Go Thunder!


  1. OMG! What a creeper. There are so many creepy people out there. There needs to be a drug that prevents creepiness

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