Veggie Risotto

daisi - May 20, 2010

Welsh Rarebit Anyone?

daisi - May 20, 2010

We Got McCarthy’d – Night 2

daisi - May 20, 2010
veggie risotto
Sorry for the delay in posting Night 2 of Rory & Amanda’s wedding. It was so fun and I have SO many pictures (and a video or two).  If you didn’t receive a link to the picasa album I have with all the pics and you want it, let me know!
Sam and I waiting on the festivities to begin…
My other date, Trier, isn’t she lovely?
This group looks like trouble, but oh so fun!
Oh Turd
Dave couldn’t get a little bit softer now.
Everyone loves the pimp stick, this pic is fantastic!
Delta Delta Delta – Can I help ya? Help ya? Help ya?
(I’m so sorry, I will never do that again…that’s probably a lie)
And finally, the only picture I have of the bride & groom!

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