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daisi - May 21, 2010

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daisi - May 21, 2010

Welsh Rarebit Anyone?

daisi - May 21, 2010
Welsh Rarebit.  This has to be the strangest name for a “dish made with a savoury sauce of melted cheese and various other ingredients.” Regardless of the name, this stuff is delicious. That’s why when Rachael Ray turned it into a mac & cheese recipe, I was instantly into it. Also, any recipe that starts with the phrase “melt a stick of butter” has my attention immediately.
On a side note, this recipe calls for “homemade” breadcrumbs. I have never tried this before since it seems WAY easier to just buy them.  However, I was feeling adventurous… maybe a bit too adventurous. I bought a sourdough baguette because they’re amazing, but I’ll admit they’re not so amazing for breadcrumb making.
Another first for me was buying parsley. For some reason, when I think of parsley, I think of the garnish on the plates of most restaurants… the garnish that I inevitably ate as a child.  Ick!  But, as an “adult” I decided to take the plunge since it called for it in this breadcrumb mixture.  And just look how cute it is…

And the finished product wasn’t too bad.  Next time I’ll use a crustier bread though.

Once I decided to make this dinner, I remembered seeing Welsh Rarebit, the appetizer, on the Pioneer Woman’s blog, so I decided to see what she adds to make it even better.  It was pretty much the same, however she added cayenne pepper (my fave) and paprika and also an egg yolk (that I passed on).  So to the Rachael Ray Recipe I added 1/2 teaspoon each of cayenne and paprika.  Obviously, add less (or no) cayenne if you’re not into spiciness.
Granted, this sauce doesn’t look as savory as I had hoped, but the taste was incredible.  Very unique.  And just look at all of that cheese!
The finished product is so pretty. It’s really cute if you put it in individual bowls prior to broiling, but I didn’t have that luxury, so one casserole dish later…YUM.

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