daisi - June 23, 2010

Taco Night [pulled chicken tacos]

daisi - June 23, 2010

Happy Father’s Day

daisi - June 23, 2010
pulled chicken
fathers day
Sunday, June 20th was Father’s Day so I made a quick trip to Guthrie.  I recently decided to invest in a REAL camera, so I have one on loan from a certain friend. The camera is so fun.  I snapped a few pics around the farm, not bad for my first time (I hope).
Chickens are hilarious.  True story.
Great Pyrenees are also hilarious.  Especially when they’re shaved, which this one will be SOON.  My dad had just collected eggs, so don’t worry about the lumps in his belly.
While I was there, Dad shared a delicious stew recipe that I will be sharing soon!
After Dad’s, I went to my grandma’s to celebrate with that side of the fam.  This is Jo-Mom and her dad.  So cute.
And speaking of cute.  This one was swimming in ice cold water, remember those days?  She was saying BRRRRRRRRRRR.  This, my friends, is my one and only cousin on my mom’s side.  She’s 3, I’m 28.  Hopefully I’ll have more cousins soon!
Here she is, being adorable AND dry.
PS – Love this camera!

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  1. I love that when you click on a the link to Kyle he's actually wearing the chicken costume. And you're talking about chickens. Is that coincidence or perfection?

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