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daisi - June 18, 2010

Happy Father’s Day

daisi - June 18, 2010


daisi - June 18, 2010
fathers day
I’ve  been wanting, actually craving, copper pots and pans.  They look so wonderful and I’m sure they make everything you cook taste that much better, right?  I’ve been wanting these for a while, but watching Julie & Julia just made it that much worse. 
Unfortunately, they’re quite pricey so it will be a while before I actually get to have some of my own.  In the meantime I can pretend that my Bed, Bath & Beyond $80 set is as fabulous as these:

Crate & Barrell
only $450

Mauviel Cuprinox
A cool $650, but I love the lighter copper color.

Aren’t they lovely? Can’t wait to have some someday!

Does anyone actually have copper pots/pans?  Are they as fabuluous as I think they will be?


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