Meatless Monday: Swiss Chard with Grilled Polenta

daisi - September 19, 2011

Everyone’s Favorite Sandwich

daisi - September 19, 2011

Drop til you Shop – Part 1

daisi - September 19, 2011

I’ve decided to do something drastic and ridiculous and terrifying. I am not going to shop for 30 days. Or at least attempt not to. I’ve decided that if I get the urge, you know the one, I’ll allow thrift store shopping only and I’ll set a budget of maybe $10? It’s causing me anxiety just typing this, I’m not so sure it’s a good idea. My bank account says otherwise. And my closet. And my storage. You get the picture.

Obviously, this excludes shopping for necessities and presents for all the birthdays & showers I have coming up. I’m actually hoping buying gifts for those events will satisfy my cravings. So with that… here goes!

Day 1: Seriously? DAY 1 I get an email from Swirl with a $10 credit. Of course I did. I mean, $10 isn’t a lot, but it’s still free money! I hate this no-shopping situation I’ve put myself in. My pride is on the line though, I will not spend the free money.

Day 2: I didn’t realize how many shopping emails I get each day. This is torture. I just have to send them straight to the trash can. I know I’m probably missing out on the deal of the century. What am I thinking?

Day 4: Dilema… While on vacation in Colorado, I realized I packed a long-sleeved shirt to hang out in all day Friday. With the temperatures in the high 80’s I panicked. We walked by an American Apparel and I bought a t-shirt so I wouldn’t be too hot. I justified this as a necessity. The shirt was only $20 and the ban is certainly still in effect. Just had a weak moment as a result of my poor outfit planning. Back on track!

Day 6: My proudest, non-shopping moment to date (during this project). We stopped for lunch in Lionshead Village on our way from Beaver Creek to Denver. Literally everything was on sale. I didn’t even budge. Then, we passed the Outlets at Silverthorne which was pretty much pure torture. The ONLY thing that kept me strong was knowing an outlet mall just opened an hour and a half from me back home.

Day 8: Relief! I shopped for a friend’s birthday present at Williams Sonoma. Not cheating but definitely helped curbed my cravings (pun intended).

Day 10: Another test to my willpower. A friend, one certain rebecca f, invited me to a VIP opening of an adorable shop, full well knowing of my shopping ban. Rude. I loved everything in the store and have vowed to come back as soon as I can to buy one of everything.

Days 11 & 12: I think I cheated. My mom was in town, so I conned politely asked her to buy me a couple things. Only 2 and one was lotion so kinda a necessity, right? The other was this t-shirt… too adorable to pass up, right?

Hopefully the second half of the month-long endeavor is easier. I doubt it though because with football season rapidly approaching, the need for new gameday clothes is coming on strong. We’ll see!

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