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daisi - October 19, 2011

it’s me!

daisi - October 19, 2011

make your own pizza [date night]

daisi - October 19, 2011

The other night Sam and I wanted pizza, but couldn’t agree on where to go. The solution: we had a “make your own pizza” night.

We bought this pizza dough (I usually prefer to make my own, but I didn’t have the time).

And each picked out our toppings. We agreed on most: pepperoni, cheese (duh), jalapenos, and mushrooms. The only thing I wanted to add was red onions, so those stayed on my side only.

The package suggested that to make a thick crust, you could put the dough in a 9 x 13 pan, so we did. No pizza sauce for us, just butter, olive oil and freshly minced garlic spread over the dough.

We then added a layer of cheese, then veggies, then MORE cheese and baked as directed.

It was so good and you can easily customize each side (or use separate pans). I highly recommend a make your own pizza night or date night. Cheap and easy (the pizza, not your date)!


  1. Daisi

    I had no clue you had this website. Ran across a post of yours in my news feed on facebook. I’m very excited to try some of your recipes. Cody and I will try make your own pizza night very soon. Look forward to trying something new for supper!


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