Garlicky Spinachy Lasagna

daisi - December 20, 2011

Chipotle Roasted Chicken &Vegetable Pizza

daisi - December 20, 2011

flashback to June: Kansas City

daisi - December 20, 2011
road trip

Yes, I’m so far behind on updating my blog with my social activities.

Yes, I realize June was six months ago.

Yes, I will get caught up.

In late June, we decided to road-trip it to Kansas City to watch the Royals play the Cubs (thanks for organizing Jordan). We left early Friday morning and got to KC in time for lunch with a friend (hint: bridesmaid) who lived there and then went straight to shopping/tailgating/baseball game watching (Cubs win).

Tailgating was so much fun. The weather was perfect – not nearly as hot as it was in Oklahoma!

This was my very first MLB game and the stadium was so nice. These fountains were my fave. Literally I took probably 6 pictures of the fountains. I watched some baseball too, promise!

Someone is a HUGE Cubs fan… I’ll let you guess who.

Here is our group, luckily everyone gets rowdy at these games so we fit in perfectly. Notice Jess & Alex with their Royal’s arm bands…traitors.

Day 2 of the road trip began with some excellent barbecue from Oklahoma Joe’s (fitting for us). Rumor has it, Tulsa is getting their very own Oklahoma Joe’s very, very soon – can’t wait! After the BBQ, we went straight to tailgating again.

This guy may have tailgated a little too much. Don’t worry, we bought him water and tried to help him out. Highlight of the trip for sure though, this guy was HILARIOUS.

After the game on day 2 (Cubs lose), we went out to a wine bar that was within walking distance from our hotel. There was a fun band and we set up shop.

Our final day in KC was reserved for SHOPPING. I mean, you can’t go to Kansas City and stay in the plaza without SHOPPING. Luckily the boys were so  hungover patient they didn’t mind waiting for us. Reminds me of the Brad Paisley song… Waiting on a Woman.

Fun fact: Everyone that went on this road trip bought a pair of Sperry’s. All different.

Another fun fact: Sam & I met two Chicago Cub players out and about after the first day of  baseball, no wonder they lost on the second day!