Chipotle Roasted Chicken &Vegetable Pizza

daisi - December 22, 2011

Menu Recap: December / Week 4

daisi - December 22, 2011

Girls Night: Cookbook Exchange

daisi - December 22, 2011
menu recap

This year, my work friends and I decided to have a cookbook exchange for Christmas. Maybe people have been doing this for years… but it was my first time. It was so fun and so practical, as most cookbooks are less than $20. Plus, who doesn’t love a new cookbook?

The only downfall was the weather – it was so cold and rainy, but provided a perfect evening for drinking wine and exchanging gifts with friends. And it gave us all an excuse to wear our cute rainboots.

Karla hosted and made us a fantastic dinner of finger foods.

These wings were so spicy and tender I begged for the recipe. Turns out, she found it on pinterest. Who would’ve guessed?

And fondue for dessert. I swear, I ate half of this! Best part: Karla was so kind to share the recipe for the Toblerone Fondue with us, so I’m sharing with you.

Then it was time for gifts!

Everyone got the best stuff! I loved everything!! Here’s a little preview of what we all got.

[buying guide if you’re interested: Owl bowls, slippers, butterfly tray, hand cream, dipping oil]

And lastly, we did a dirty santa cookbook exchange. Everyone brought the BEST cookbooks so we all went home winners! Here’s the results. And I highly recommend ALL of these cookbooks if your’e in the market.

Megan ended up with the book I brought. I will likely be buying this one for myself. Oh, who am I kidding, I will likely be buying ALL of the cookbooks from the party for myself.

Alisha got the cookbook that Shonda brought. You can never go wrong with Ina. LOVE her recipes.

Karla ended up with the most interesting cookbook I’ve ever seen. Megan heard about it on her Cosmo show and it was a fun one to flip through.

I stole the first cookbook Shonda had and so she ended up with this one. I will definitely be buying this one, if anything for the pics of Garth.

And lastly, I took this one home. Honestly, I had never heard of it, but I LOVED the title and the handwritten notes inside forced me to steal. It’s not a fun dirty santa game without stealing anyway, right?

Hope you loved looking at these cookbooks as much as I did. What did you and your friends exchange this year?


  1. I have an addiction to barefoot contessa cookbooks. If you haven’t tried her perfect roast chicken….wow. I added in butternut squash too. Yum. It’s a treat fo sho.
    Love your blog daisi. We will have to trade blog tricks 🙂 I think you made me fat from posting too many amazing pin interest pins. Lol. Ttyl.

    1. Thanks! I will try that chicken recipe ASAP – hopefully it’s in one of the cookbooks I have. Or if not, I’ll be borrowing from you!

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