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daisi - December 8, 2011

Menu Recap: December / Week 2

daisi - December 8, 2011

it’s the most wonderful time of the year

daisi - December 8, 2011
menu recap

Seriously, it is the most wonderful time of the year. It appears that I’m not alone in loving this season. I’ve seen so many blogs, facebook status updates, twitters, and pinners that seem to agree with me. One of my favorite days of the Christmas season is when we decorate for Christmas.

Last week when I was out of town (Piper finally decided to grace us with her presence), I came home to the Christmas tree set up ready for decorating and all of the decorations out of storage. The original plan was to decorate after our date night on Friday, but we were too full to move after dinner. All is well, we decorated this week and here are my two favorite helpers: adult hot chocolate & Sammy.

Our little tradition is to watch one of our three mandatory Christmas movies (Elf, Bad Santa and, of course, Christmas Vacation) and decorate the tree.

Here are some pics of the decorated house, starting with the dining room.

My new favorite decoration this year is the Santa painting I bought from a friend. Her husband painted it and I fell in love the second I saw it on her blog. I wish I were that talented!

Oh and another favorite of mine, these cocktail napkins ya’ll.

On to the living room…

I even got a little “do-it-yourself-y” and updated my shadow box. I found the vintage Christmas card AND the reindeer name idea on, where else? Pinterest.

And lastly, the tree! The best thing of having a white tree is the fact that I can change it up so much each year. This year I went with red, aqua, silver and gold and I love the way it turned out.

Merry Christmas Everyone!



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