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daisi - December 6, 2011

Caramelized Red Onions

daisi - December 6, 2011

Wedding Party: Hers

daisi - December 6, 2011
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As you know, I recently (it’s already been a month) got engaged! We spent one week enjoying our engagement without the stress of wedding planning. It was nice. Now we’re in the middle of booking, shopping, organizing, etc.

I knew who would be in my wedding party immediately, but wanted to do something nice for them when I asked. I’ve seen lots of great ideas on blogs, but I wanted it to be original so it took me a few weeks to think of the perfect thing. And finally it came to me… at 4 a.m…. when all my creative ideas hit me… then I can’t go back to sleep because my mind races 100 miles per hour planning the idea.

Oh well, in this case it was totally worth the lack of sleep because I absolutely love the way they turned out. So much so that I’m tempted to make one for myself!

This is how it came to me: While browsing through the millions of ideas for Save-the-Dates (that was a 3 a.m. morning), I came across several tea towels like these…

I absolutely love them, because if you didn’t know, I love to cook. But, realistically, I’m not sure it’s cost effective to mail tea towels to our guests.

Enter bridal party gifts!

I decided it would be feasible to make six tea towels for the girls in my bridal party. So began my search of cute vintage-y photos for the tea towels. During my search, I came across a great website FULL of vintage photos. I got most of the ones I used from the Graphics Fairy.

Once I had all my images, I had to find the perfect font. I settled on this cute little font called Dirty & Classic.

And lastly, I had to decide how to get the images and text ON to the tea towels. I saw a lot of great and easy ideas on pinterest, but decided to stick to my tried & true method of iron on transfers. I’ve done it millions of times and it seemed like the least messy option.

I settled on these tea towels from Wal-Mart (about 98 cents each) because they have the vintage feel, plus they’re cost effective!

Then I just had to print and iron-on. Easy schmeasy. A great, personalized gift for each girl.

The gifts were accompanied by cards full of heartfelt, mushy, gushy stuff.

I will enlighten you on who got the towels next time (obviously you know one of them). Oh and if I can brag for a second, they all LOVED them too!


    1. Thanks Katie – I loved the way they turned out. And I’m serious about making myself one that says “bride” – why not, right?

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