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daisi - January 12, 2012

Menu Recap [Weeks 1 & 2]

daisi - January 12, 2012

Easy DIY Focal Wall Re-Do

daisi - January 12, 2012
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So after Christmas, once Santa was gone, my wall here felt a little, um, bare.

Recently, I ventured to our flea market and picked up this cute little print.

Which, if you’re wondering, I think would be really easy to make yourself. Just pick a book, take out a page, print a cute graphic and BAM a new piece of “art” for your walls. Anyway, I had a large frame I wanted to use so I cut out a large piece of yellow scrapbook paper to fit the frame, then attempted to center the pic on the yellow background.

And voila a new focal wall in my dining room. Love it!




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