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daisi - January 27, 2012

STDs – the Good Kind

daisi - January 27, 2012

Menu Recap [Week 4]

daisi - January 27, 2012
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Since I was such a slacker last week, I went on recipe overload this week. On Sunday, I went to a super amazing store in OKC that is full of exotic, delicious, and CHEAP food called Super Cao Nguyen. Go, if you live in OKC, it’s quite the experience. Anyway, I found some naan, which I love, for a WAY better price than our grocery stores in Tulsa so I stocked up. Hence the Indian themed menu this week.

But first, a new goal of mine: Clean out my freezer. And clean out my freezer without being wasteful. Sure, I could just trash everything and start over. But that would be a huge waste of perfectly fine food. So once a week, I will cook something from my freezer. In my freezer I have: frozen vegetables, leftover chili, various cuts of meat, leftover risotto, mini meatloaves… you get the idea. It’s FULL to say the least.

So the first recipe of the week I made used some frozen burgundy mushrooms I had leftover from a tapas party. And this dish was divine. I will be sharing the later this week!

Burgundy Mushroom Risotto [recipe coming soon]

[photo via the Pioneer Woman’s blog]

Tuesday, I moved on to the ethnic portion of our week and started with an easy slow-cooker meal to serve with the naan previously mentioned. Isn’t it sad that an entire week’s menu can revolve around bread??

Slow-cooker Indian Curry

And the last item I made this week was an Indian pizza. Instead of pizza dough, I used the naan (again). And then I froze the rest of the naan, creating yet another thing I’ll have to “clean out” later in the year.

Rachael Ray’s Indian Pizza


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