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daisi - January 18, 2012

Chunky Chicken Noodle Soup

daisi - January 18, 2012

Thunder Up / Boomer Sooner

daisi - January 18, 2012
OKC thunder

So I’m falling behind in 2012 – ugh! Not last week, but the one before that, Sam and I went to OKC/Norman for the weekend. I finally got to see the Thunder play after my one year hiatus, never again. We played the Rockets and it was great because we DOMINATED the game (109-94 final score).

It’s so fun watching our team grow. Sam and I had mini-season tickets (8-10 games) the first year the Thunder was in OKC and we were often on the losing end of these games. I love how far we’ve come and the potential our team possesses. GO THUNDER!

Saturday we met some friends in Norman for the OU / KU basketball game. But first, the Library. Oh the Library. Not the book kind, the bar with fantastic food kind. I frequented this place so often in college that my mom thought it was weird if I was at the REAL library instead of this one.

It was unseasonably warm (as it has been) so we sat outside on the patio for the full experience. I was very worried that the food wouldn’t be as good as I remembered it being, but I ordered my usual, potato soup in a bread bowl. Good news! It was just as delicious as I remember and it was perfect!  Next up was the OU / KU basketball game.

Not much to re-cap here. We won the first half. That counts for something I think. I will not speak of the second half. Look it up if you must know.  After the game most of us went our separate ways, but a couple of us stayed in Norman for dinner and drinks. We decided to do a Norman pub crawl. My first (and most likely last) pub crawl ever.

First stop: 747  for frozen RBV’s

First of all, this place is packed on game days. Not only is it packed, there is usually a long line to get in. It’s always shoulder to shoulder and smells like ick. But look at it on Saturday:

Not a soul in site… except us. It was bizarre. It kind of creeped me out until Amanda mentioned the fact that it was only 8:30 and it probably doesn’t get busy until around 11. Crazy college kids. On another note, when did we get so old?!

Next stop: O’Connell’s for Irish Car Bombs (what? why?)

After that we ventured over to Louie’s for ___. At this point it was just order whatever you want. Which for me was the frozen lemonade, but check out Sam’s drink, what is it??

Next was a dance party at Logan’s, I’ll spare you the video. A nightcap at Joe’s Taverna – you cannot go to Norman and not go to Joe’s. And finally back to our hotel, which conveniently had a bar with karaoke!

Yes, I know our 2012 is backwards. I probably should have flipped the pic, but that’d be no fun. I blame the photographer. Anyway – that was our fun-filled weekend, 2 weekends ago. I’m doing my best to keep up! Go Thunder!




  1. So Fun!!! And I’m glad you didn’t post the Laser Sam pic… it is a little creepy…. you need to save it for a Laser Daisi pic at your wedding. That’ll be so much better!

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