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daisi - February 21, 2012

menu recap [week 8]

daisi - February 21, 2012

[instagram] February Photo-a-Day

daisi - February 21, 2012
menu recap
Feb Photo a Day

As I mentioned before, I started this February Photo-a-Day project on instagram, here are my updates so far this month. I skipped a few while on vacay, but I made them up, that’s just why I’m behind on posting an update. I know you were wondering.

Here’s a reminder of the challenge:

day 7: button | my comfy mukluks

day 8: sun | grand lake (had to use an old photo since the sun hadn’t been out in a while around here)

day 9: front door | from the inside

day 10: self portrait | me

day 11: makes you happy | these little birdie footprints in the snow

day 12: inside your closet | believe it or not, this is after organizing

day 13: blue | girl scout cookie time!

day 14: heart | happy valentine’s day from my roomie

day 15: phone | my office phone

day 16: something new | my new sally jesse glasses

day 17: time | on my slap watch

day 18: drink | dirty martini for shonda’s bday

day 19: something you hate to do | taxes (yes, I am a CPA. no, I do not do taxes for a living)

day 20: handwriting | my wedding shoe vote count (I know, I’m a nerd)

see you at the end of the month with the remaining pics!


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