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daisi - February 7, 2012

[brunch] Smoke on Cherry Street

daisi - February 7, 2012

[instagram] February Photo-a-Day

daisi - February 7, 2012
Cherry Street

I saw this instagram photography challenge on a blog recently and decided to jump on board. Rather than updating you at the end of the month with all of my pics (can you say picture OVERLOAD?), I decided to update once a week with my progress. I hope you enjoy! Oh and if you’re on instagram, send me your username so I can follow you. Mine is DaisiRene – follow me!

day 1: your view today | my lovely office cubicle, how exciting

day 2: words | my first full-size tube of toothpaste in years, I was so excited!

day 3: hands | took 2 different pics this day – i love them both

day 4: a stranger | didn’t get to take a pic of a stranger – too busy shopping for super bowl supplies!

day 5: 10 a.m. | my little cuddle buddy, Zoe

day 6: dinner | leftover BBQ Whiskey sliders

Hope to see you on instagram!

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