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daisi - March 8, 2012

menu recap [week 10]

daisi - March 8, 2012

Gnocchi Cooking Class [Urban Kitchen]

daisi - March 8, 2012
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Last night I learned how to make gnocchi. Do you know how? I love it and I knew (had heard) it was easy, but I had never been brave enough to attempt it. So I took a class. Let me backtrack, I started taking cooking classes back in my OKC days at a place called Kam’s Kookery. If you live there, you have to go. It’s BYOB and she offers a wide variety of classes. I’ve also taken a couple of classes here in Tulsa at the Stock Pot. If you live in Tulsa, you have to go. They also offer a wide variety of classes and here’s a tip: if you friend them on facebook or sign up for their newsletter, every once in a while they offer 2 for 1 classes! Unfortunately, it is not BYOB but they have reasonably priced wine that you can buy. I’ve even taken a knife skills (ha) class where I learned the proper technique to use when cutting vegetables. It was the one I most needed and I loved it. It was also in OKC. No wine, for obvious reasons.

Now back to last night. I attended a class at the Urban Kitchen on Cherry Street. It was the smallest of all of the classes I’ve experienced and I loved that. There were 8 of us and I think that is the perfect size. It was less intimidating to ask questions because there weren’t too many people there to judge you. And to top it off, this was the only class I’ve attended where I didn’t have to either pay for or provide my own wine. It was a win / win. Oh and you get this adorable apron to wear during the class and it’s yours to keep.

The class got started right away with Candace (as in Conley, the owner) making the gnocchi dough. Which is literally a potato, egg and flour. That’s it. Easy right? The key is to let your potatoes dry out and cool completely. Maybe this is common knowledge, but I wasn’t aware so I thought I’d share in case anyone else is as clueless as me. The class then took turns rolling the dough into long logs and cutting off 1-inch pieces. Lastly, we learned how to create the ridges you see on the gnocchi dumplings. It’s not hard, but a little practice couldn’t hurt my technique.

The rest of the class time was focused on making three delicious sauces to accompany our gnocchi. First up was creamy blue cheese which was rich and amazing. You could use this sauce to jazz up any of your favorite pasta. It consists of only two ingredients: heavy cream and blue cheese. That’s it.

The second was a browned butter and sage sauce. Again, two ingredients. I bet you can’t guess what they are. This was my favorite because the gnocchi gets crispy in the hot butter. Ridiculous.

And our last “course” was your basic tomato sauce. Simple and delicious. Really there’s no excuse to buy the canned stuff ever.

And this one was served with grilled bread brushed with garlic oil. Mmmmmm.

It wasn’t good at all. Here’s proof.

 My partner in crime for this class was Miss Molly. We would love to join you if you decide to take a class and need a partner. Just sayin’.

And here are my recipe notes. I can’t wait to attempt it again on my own!


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