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daisi - March 6, 2012

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daisi - March 6, 2012

See you in Vail

daisi - March 6, 2012
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I’m only a month behind in posting these pics! Not bad, not bad. In February, we made a little 4-day trip to Vail, Colorado. This was BEFORE I knew the Pioneer Woman would be there this past week… What timing! Anyway, we headed out late Wednesday night so we could get a full day of skiing in on Thursday. Our party planners, Donny & Trier, reserved a condo that was so close we could walk to the ski lifts. One of the only times I’ve ever been that close!

Day one was super snowy and I forgot to charge my camera, which means I have no pics to share. The second day was beautiful outside and I remembered my camera so here are a few of my favorites.

This was Sam and I’s first time skiing together, luckily our friend Clay was there to snap a photo for us.

riding the gondola – the only time I was comfortable enough to dig my camera out of my pocket on a lift

[me & trier]

[sam & me]

mid-day break for lunch on the mountain – I tried packing snacks, they didn’t last long so I had to break down and get lunch on the mountain each day

[trier, shawn, sam, me, monica, mark]

After skiing on the second day the entire group met at this German restaurant, Alpenrose, for happy hour. Just so you know, I just spent 15 minutes trying to find the name of that place. I had no idea the entire time we were there. Anyway, we sat on the patio because it was a beautiful day outside. Here’s most of our group.

[charlie, krista, sam, me, mark, monica, trier, brian, shawn, kevin, bailey]

Later in the evening it started snowing. Like really snowing. And we said “who cares?!”!” and stayed on the patio. I’m pretty sure people thought we were nuts, but it was actually so much fun we decided we would do a snowy happy hour next time it snows in Tulsa. Who’s in?

[trier & donny]

[sam & me]

[mark & monica]

You know what keeps you warm during snowy happy hour? Irish coffee! It was as good as it looks, trust me.

After happy hour we all met for dinner and drinks at Los Amigos, but not before we had some hot pool time. A hot pool is not a hot tub. It is a pool that is heated to over 100 degrees and let me tell you, it’s my new favorite thing for winter time. It’s not overly hot like a hot tub to where you’re instantly sweating from the steam. You can actually stay in the hot pool for 30-45 minutes and love every minute of it. Or we did anyway.

The next day of skiing was equally beautiful and we met back at Alpenrose for a repeat happy hour. This time there was no snow, but there was a boot. As in one of these. And by one, I mean the restaurant only had one boot.

Somehow we turned drinking beer from the boot into a race against the clock competition. Against ourselves. Let me explain… We only knew the restaurant had a boot after seeing the table next to us order one. Unfortunately, since they only had the one, we had to wait until said table finished it and then (hopefully) it was washed and we got it. The table said “we finished the boot in ___ minutes, see if you can beat that.” And the challenge was born, even though that table was on their way out. We started timing ourselves and before you know it we had challenged ourselves to finish it in under a minute. And guess what? We succeeded. Yay us! Or is that sad? Either way, we had a great time entertaining ourselves and our fellow patrons. Here is our victory pic!

Needless to say, it was a successful happy hour. Then we hot pooled it and met for dinner and drinks at Campo de Fiori. The next day it was time to drive back to Denver for our flight back to the real world so we didn’t do much after dinner.

One last pic I will leave you with is of the trees on the mountain. They were my favorite… each branch surrounded in snow. Just beautiful. Get to Colorado if you can. I’m already counting the days until I can go back this summer!



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