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daisi - March 19, 2012

Roasted Chicken Stock

daisi - March 19, 2012

St. Patty’s Dinner Club & menu recap [week 11]

daisi - March 19, 2012
vegetable basket

Monday: Perfect Rump Roast

I adapted this rump roast recipe for the crock pot. I seared it and then put it in the slow cooker for 8 hours. I think 6 would’ve been best as the edges were over-done. Also, I think it would’ve been best if I hadn’t used my ceramic pan for the searing. Whoops. Definitely make sure the roast is at room temp and do not use anything but your standard metal roasting pan. Lesson learned!

Tuesday: We had the ever exciting Tulsa County Dental Society Awards Banquet at Ti Amo. Be jealous. Actually, I always have a good time and I do love the food at Ti Amo.

Wednesday: We tried Tulsa’s newest Mexican restaurant, Chuy’s. After checking out the Tulsa Food Blog, we decided to share the Elvis Presley Memorial Combo which was 3 enchiladas, a taco and some nachos. We subbed one of the sauces for Boom Boom sauce which is a combination of the queso and the green chile sauce. So good, but pretty spicy so ask for it on the side if you think it might be too hot. Another thing that impressed me, was the salsa. I typically prefer a pico-type salsa rather than a pureed-type. This was pureed but had a lot of flavor and I think I ate the whole thing by myself.

[photo from Tulsa Food Blog]

Thursday: leftovers ( I think)

Friday: St. Patrick’s Day Dinner Club

Appetizers: Green hummus, green veggies, kale chips (huge hit!)

oh and don’t forget the green wine and green beer (I went a little overboard with the green food coloring)

Main Dish: Beef & Guinness Stew served over Champ (or mashed potatoes)

UPDATE: I also served Irish Soda Bread – see below for a printable recipe card!

Dessert: Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes

I skipped the whiskey ganache but these cupcakes were incredible! I think we should just add Bailey’s in all frosting from here on… deal?



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