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daisi - April 3, 2012

Meeting the Pioneer Woman

daisi - April 3, 2012

life / menu recap [week 12 & 13]

daisi - April 3, 2012
menu recap blue
[Weeks 12 & 13]

Okay – I’ve been on a cooking hiatus so this is more of a life recap, than a menu recap. Starting with St. Patrick’s Day, I went out to eat for almost EVERY meal. Not good, not good. But here a few pics of my St. Patty’s celebration as a consolation.

Sam was gone for 2 weeks and the only thing I cooked the entire time he was gone was fried onions, bacon, and broccoli salad. I’m not sure fried onions and bacon qualify as “cooking” but I did make this broccoli salad and it was SO good.

I had lots of wonderful meals while he was gone, but I documented none of them. Blog failure for sure! I wasn’t boring though and I’ll be posting my good times in the days to come. Looking forward to getting back to blogging.


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