menu recap [weeks 15 -18]

daisi - May 11, 2012

I’m back!

daisi - May 11, 2012

menu recap [week 19]

daisi - May 11, 2012
menu recap pink
i'm back
menu recap

This week was a little more successful on the cooking front. I actually planned AND executed two whole meals. Lately, that is quite the accomplishment.

Monday: DATE NIGHT – dinner and a movie! Rare for us for sure. We had some leftover funds on an Outback gift card so we went to use it up. Sam had the baby back ribs, and I know what you’re thinking, but they were surprisingly good. I say surprisingly because I would have never thought to order ribs at Outback. Ever.

I had the chicken on the barbie (yep barbie) with steamed veggies, also very tasty. I think sometimes my chain-restaurant-snobbery makes me, well, a snob, so I am glad to report how much we enjoyed our meals.

After dinner we saw the new Avenger’s movie. Out of all the super-heroes, the only movies I had seen previously were the Iron Man series. I thought I’d be lost, but between the movie and Sam, I was able to keep up.

I saw this the other day and it made me laugh because I’m the exact opposite. I thought Scar-Jo (sorry, had to) was beautiful and bad ass and I loved watching her in this movie! If only I could be a super hero… goal list 2013.

Tuesday: Leftover meatball from Andolini’s (delicious if you were wondering) over fresh spinach sauted with bruschetta. This was a really great, ready in 5 minutes meal. If you ever find yourself with leftover bruschetta, I recommend throwing a couple tablespoons in with a couple cups of fresh baby spinach and stirring over medium heat until the spinach is nice and wilted and the bruschetta is nice and warm. Super easy and super delicious.

Wednesday: Spinach & Bacon Crustless Quiche

Since I’m still on the low-carb initiative, the one and only Karin suggested this crustless quiche recipe. I made one change that I think took this quiche over the edge… I added bacon. And I will share my recipe with you very, very soon. You will not want to miss this one. It is so good you’ll never miss the crust!

Thursday: Leftover crustless quiche, good even out of the microwave. Had wedding crafts to attend to so no cooking for me.

Friday: PW’s Beef with Snow Peas (& Red Peppers)

Since today IS Friday, I actually haven’t made this yet. But the steak is currently sliced and marinating in the fridge and as soon as I get off work, it’s go time!

Anyone have any low-carb, must-have recipes I need to try next week? Please?


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