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daisi - May 9, 2012

menu recap [weeks 15 -18]

daisi - May 9, 2012

Wedding Showers: Part Uno

daisi - May 9, 2012
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So, I’ve determined that I’m really no good at this blogging thing. So much has happened in the last few months that I have not even mentioned here. That will stop here and now.

A month or so ago, our friends threw us the BEST couples shower. It was absolutely perfect and I loved every minute of it. So much so that I begged people not to leave. Yeah, I’m that cool.

Let me start with the basics:

Who hosted: Jessica (matron of honor), Whitney (friend), Lindsay (bridesmaid), Trier (bridesmaid), Molly (bridesmaid), Rebecca (bridesmaid) & Karin (friend)

What: A Couples Shower honoring Sam & I – the food was catered from Andolini’s and the drinks were made by Jessica based on one of my faves – the Moscow Mule

Why: becasue we’re awesome, duh

When: March 31 – told ya I’m way behind!

Where: Dolce Salon – trust me, it was amazing

So like I said, it was at a hair salon. I must admit I was a little curious about how it would turn out. I never doubted them for a second, but was very curious. And let’s just say the place was transformed. People walking down Cherry Street probably thought a new restaurant had opened (except it says hair boutique).

It was beautiful. I didn’t get any real pics of the food table or the drink station, but check out this dessert bar!

Becky (aka Rebecca – bridesmaid) got the sign from etsy – isn’t it the most adorable? Linda’s Cupcakery provided the cupcakes and Antoinette Baking Co. provided the macarons. I highly recommend both! Here is a close up.

And yes, they are as good as they look. Maybe even better.

Some of the girls made us a “SAMAISI” tree and had little paper pieces for everyone to write us advice. Towards the end of the night, the advice got a little questionable! But such a great and fun idea. I’m keeping them all and plan to make a little scrapbook when I have time after the wedding.

And lastly the guests were the best part! Our friends and family came and celebrated with us and we just had the best time!

My dad and one of my brothers, Cody. This really isn’t their type of “thing” but I was really glad they made it!

My mom, more her thing and also glad she was able to be there since she is a busy, busy bee. Wonder if that’s where I get it?

Sam’s mom – just look at that squeeze!

My grandparents came all the way from Guthrie to be there.

Sam’s brother’s made it, except for Adam since he’s in North Carolina doing cool Air Force things.

And of course our friends made an appearance. They’re never one to miss a party!

And lastly, the lovely hostesses… I seriously cannot THANK them enough! For those of you who don’t know, in order, it’s: Molly, Trier, Lindsay, Me, Jessica & Whitney.

And us, of course.

I will spare you the 70 pictures of us opening gifts. Let’s just say we got some GREAT gifts and I love them all!


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