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daisi - June 25, 2012

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daisi - June 25, 2012

color me happy

daisi - June 25, 2012
color run

This weekend we participated in the first-time-to-Tulsa Color Run, also known as the happiest 5K on the planet.

During the run people throw this color dust on you at every kilometer, so by the end of the race the runners are a tie-dyed mess head to toe.  Want proof? Here’s our team, the Running Rainbows, before:

And after:

And Sam & I before:


After the race there is a huge color party, but we decided to have our own. In your race packets, they provide individual color packages that we used to douse each other in every color imaginable.

The “real” color party looks pretty amazing in pics though, maybe next year we’ll have to stick around for it.

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