photo dump of the century – part I

daisi - June 14, 2012

menu recap [week 24]

daisi - June 14, 2012


daisi - June 14, 2012

So while I’m trying to catch up on wedding festivities and crafting posts, I thought I’d share our Familymoon pics and stories. After the wedding, Sam’s dad took us on a family vacation / honeymoon (aka – familymoon) to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Sam and I arrived a day before everyone so we had a little time to ourselves to relax.

We arrived pretty early so our room wasn’t quite ready. Fine by us, we needed lunch and a drink with a view anyway. 

We checked in and had a much needed nap (did I mention we had to get up at 4 a.m. for our flight?) and upon check-in we discovered a couple deliveries from Sam’s dad & his wife. So nice!

That night, we decided on dinner at a fun little  seafood place called Bimini’s Oyster Bar.

We had oysters and crab legs and the best hush puppies and it was all so good and very affordable. Loved this place.  Especially after the waiter introduced us to the oyster shooters, which are basically oysters in a shot glass with all the usual stuff (hot sauce, horseradish, cocktail sauce, etc.) and then topped with beer, shaken and taken. I think we had at least 8.

Our second day was pretty much a pool-all-day kinda day. They had these nice chairs with umbrellas you could rent and since we were on our “honeymoon” we decided to go for it. It was nice to have a place to leave your bag and also nice to have an umbrella since I’m not the tannest person you know. 

We were still the only people on the trip so far, so we decided to have a nice, fancy, romantical dinner at Aspen Grille.

Late that evening, Sam’s dad and brother (and their significant others) arrived, but we were already asleep. Early the next morning the boys went golfing and the girls went to the spa. It was SO relaxing, I think I fell asleep three times at least.

You can’t tell their related, huh?

That evening, in keeping with the golf theme, we had dinner at Greg Norman’s Australian Grille. We had a few orders of oysters (again), Rockefeller this time, and a few bottles of wine. It was a really nice place with wonderful service. Quote of the night came from Sam when he thought the oysters were nestled in something delicious, but it turned out to be rock salt… “this salt is salty.” Apparently it happens all the time according to the waiter.

We also got a complimentary family photo from the hotel prior to dinner, a very nice service they offer.

After dinner, we had a little party in our room at the hotel where Ben decided he liked my beach hat. I have about 25 of these pics and they all crack me up.

The next morning, Alison (Ben’s fiance) and I went to breakfast and had the ultimate bloody mary.

The rest of the group (Doll, Adam & Morgan) arrived throughout this day and we all just hung out at the beach/pool until dinner. Here’s a fun beach shot we took – sorry it’s so small (not my camera).

Dinner that night was at a sushi / hibachi place called Soho. Here’s a pic of our rowdy group – so fun!

And just Sam and I.

After dinner we went to Crocodile Rocks, a fun piano bar. I have a LONG story about that night, but I’ll spare you. Basically, a guy tried to fight all of the Owens boys at once. How dumb.

And that’s pretty much our trip to Myrtle Beach. It was a blast and I can’t wait to go back someday!


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