menu recap [week 23]: buffalo burgers & beer-battered green beans

daisi - June 12, 2012


daisi - June 12, 2012

photo dump of the century – part I

daisi - June 12, 2012

So I recently made the decision to take all the pics from my phone and transfer them to my computer. It was really a forced decision as once I hit 1,000 pics on my phone it randomly started deleting some of them which is not okay with me. So after I transferred them and categorized them there were still quite a few that I was unsure where to file or what to do with them. I’m sharing them here… you are welcome. Here are some random photos from the past few months… actually this will be part 1 of the dump of the century (of the week) because I have A LOT of pictures to share. 

[our inheritance from Becky & Duane Fernandez before their move to Cali – thanks friends!]

[bloody mary’s at my all time favorite brunch place, Smoke]

[one of these things is not like the other… after I smashed my ankle in the car door = smart]

[having a google hangout sesh with the in-laws in North Carolina (they hate OU)]

[my husband. weird!]

[out with Alisha for our boss’s birthday]

[totally stole this off of facebook after the big storms in OKC earlier this year – love it]

[so sometimes I crave hot apple cider with spiced rum, so sue me]

[the night we got engaged!]

[if you like margaritas, this is a FANTASTIC recipe for a lower-calorie delicious margarita]

[this is leftover from the instagram challenge I never finished – oops]

[another leftover – not sure, maybe this one was “shoes”]

[nick and jess brought back some moonshine-soaked cherries from their roadtrip thru Tennessee – they were STRONG (the cherries, not nick and jess)]

[I’m not bragging, but this guy is still alive… quite a feat for me]

[cuties – before the prices for them skyrocketed]

Ok – that’s it for now. I know you can’t wait to see the rest of my very random pics.

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