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daisi - July 1, 2012

yarn-wrapped letters [diy]

daisi - July 1, 2012

Father’s Day 2012

daisi - July 1, 2012
cookbook club

A couple of weeks ago, like many of you, I headed home to celebrate father’s day. It was a quick day trip, but so fun to see everyone! Especially these little girls (and guy):

[ronni (cousin), piper (niece), jeremiah (cousin), aricelli & margi (sisters-ish)]

I was able to take a few four-generation pictures with my sister and my sweet niece, Piper.

[grandpa tommy, piper, candace, dad]

[grandma johnnie, piper, candace, sandy]

While I was there, I had to load up with fresh vegetables from the garden (of course). Just wish they lived closer so I could have 24/7 access to this magnificent garden, complete with a guard dog.

And since I was already in Guthrie, I was able to go visit my mom’s side of the family for dinner and a tractor ride, the first time I’ve been on a tractor in at least 10 years! 

[grandma linda & ronni, uncle dippy (william), mom & ronni, jeremiah & grandpa andy]

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