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daisi - July 21, 2012

Sunday Birthday Dinner by Jo-Mom

daisi - July 21, 2012

menu recap [weeks 27 & 28]

daisi - July 21, 2012
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chipotle shrimp
[Week 27]  Also known as my birthday week o’ celebration was pretty uneventful on the cooking front, as in there was NO cooking at all. Lots of eating though… a happy hour at Doc’s on Friday. They have the BEST cocktails and appetizers. I recommend the andouille sausage spinach dip, and of course oysters on the half shell.

[clockwise: gin & jam, linds-me-tree, drinks on fire, me with my bday headband courtesy of lindsay]

And Saturday there was a pool party at the Hard Rock Casino, complete with DJ and piña coladas.

And later there was a wig-out party for Maria’s 30th birthday. Our group was quite the attraction at the casino…

That’s me… front and center as a blonde. I wanted to see if blondes really do have more fun!

[Week 28]

Monday: Meatballs with Zucchini & Squash

We had some leftover buffalo along with some summer veggies, so I threw them all together with some hot red chilies a friend gave me and viola a super quick and delicious dinner.

Tuesday: leftover meatballs and veggies (added rice)

Wednesday: Chipotle Shrimp Taco Salad

I typically don’t believe in recipes for salad. I mean, it’s salad. But, I did like the idea of chipotle shrimp so I decided to give this one a whirl. See the step-by-step instructions on the Tasty Kitchen Blog and make sure you pay attention to this part:

“Okay, so here’s where you have to make a decision. If you want to go easy on the heat (which I suggest), shake and/or scrape a good deal of the marinade off of the shrimp. The shrimp will still have plenty of flavor and heat. How much of the marinade you use is completely up to you and your taste buds.”

I left all the marinade on and my mouth was on FIRE. I could barely finish the salad it was so spicy. The only change I made was I omitted the rice as it seemed a bit unnecessary on this healthy, filling salad. Oh and we used tortilla chips as croutons. Overall a winner recipe for sure!

Thursday: Birthday Dinner for me at Sonoma… Mmmm flatbread and wine

[alisha, shonda, me, megan, karla]

Friday: Date night dinner at Bodean’s with Sam

And that’s it for this week. Actually, I did make this strawberry ice box cake for Sam’s office birthday luncheon. I’ll post the recipe soon!

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