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daisi - July 1, 2012

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daisi - July 1, 2012

yarn-wrapped letters [diy]

daisi - July 1, 2012

The budget for decorations for our wedding wasn’t much, so I wanted to make as much as I could. Getting married in the pinterest-era makes it hard to narrow down which DIY projects to tackle and which to leave alone. But I definitely wanted to attempt some yarn-wrapped letters to spell “Love”.

What you’ll need:

  • yarn
  • wood or paper mache letters
  • hot glue gun

At first, I wanted to attempt these ombre letters featured on Square Magazine, unfortunately I couldn’t find three colors of yarn that would work with my color pallet.

I did, however, use this tutorial on My Sister’s Suitcase as a guide for my own letters.

1) First, purchase the letters of your choice from Hobby Lobby, either the paper mache or the wood letters (~$2 per letter). I chose wood, but it appears most bloggers used the thicker, paper mache letters.

paper mache:    wood:

2) Next choose your yarn color(s). I stuck to one color to make it easier, but you could easily do the ombre look or one color per letter, it’s really up to you.

3) Start the letters by hot gluing one end of a long strand of yarn to the back of the letter and let it harden so it keeps it in place, and then simply start wrapping. Wrap the letter vertically first, then horizontally, hot gluing pieces sporadically to hold it in place.

If you have any letters with tricky edges, use this technique from the tutorial to make sure all parts of the letter will end up covered with yarn:

Here is the “L” I made – it was by far the easiest letter.

I just love this look and it’s easily customizable for weddings, showers, decorations, etc. if you have plenty of time and patience.

Although, I must admit, I did have a helper…

And here is my completed project:

Don’t worry if each letter isn’t perfect, most people won’t be looking at them up close and personal and if they do, hopefully they won’t judge a few imperfections. I used these on my gift table at the wedding and I loved the way they turned out.

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