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daisi - August 21, 2012

pinterest menu recap [week 33]

daisi - August 21, 2012

engagement photos…finally!

daisi - August 21, 2012
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I know I’ve been promising non-food related items… and I’ve finally gotten around to it! Well, one post at least. A good one though, engagement pictures! Here are some of my favorite pics from our Engagement session we did in April.

All photos were posed, taken and edited by Stella Shot Me Photography, Kristen is amazing and I love, love, love how these pics turned out. Not bad for a rainy day in April!

[borrowed these lovely Louboutin’s from my very generous friend Whitney so I had to show them off]

Location: Old Trinity of Paseo

Sam and I got there a little early for the photoshoot and I spotted this pink wall that I thought would be perfect for pics – I loved the way these turned out…

And of course we had to get a picture of the BLIZZOW!

Location: somewhere in the Paseo arts district

Kristen spotted this little LOVE sign while we were walking around and it’s just too cute and totally fit the “theme” of the engagement session.

She also spotted this graffiti “think outside the box” that (combined with our pose) is one of my favorites.

And this one is my ALL TIME FAVORITE, like the cover of our wedding guest book album, like my immediate facebook profile pic, like will definitely be framed in my house ASAP, ALL TIME FAVORITE.

And this one… poor girl climbed through some trees to get the far off shot and it turned out fanstastic. What a creative eye.

The Paseo was FULL of unique spots for our pictures. We loved the look of these turquoise stairs with my red sweater.

Then it was time for a costume change…

This location is very special to us… it is the alley behind our old Bricktown apartment. We would look out of our living room window each weekend and witness various photoshoots in this alley. We decided we might as well have our own photoshoot back there as well as reminder of our Oklahoma City time.

And of course, another BLIZZOW picture. If you haven’t guessed, BLIZZOW is my catchphrase for my ring.

I love the look of that old door in the back and the old brick and everything about this alley and the special meaning of it.

I really miss living this close to the Thunder and OU, but our friends in Tulsa are amazing and they keep us plenty busy!

And these last few were shot at the Myriad Gardens in downtown Oklahoma City. Just beautiful. Visit there if you’re ever in OKC.

And in these… we’re laying on a quilt that my great-grandma made me when I was a baby. It’s so soft from all the wear and tear I put it through way back when. I love that we were able to incorporate it into our pictures.

And last but not least…


And a very, VERY special thanks to the following:

Photographer: Kristen Lee, Stella Shot Me

Hair: Jessica Landon (also my Matron of Honor), Dolce

“Happily Ever After” sign: Becky Parks Fernandez

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  1. These are awesome, Daisi! She did such a good job capturing your fun personality! Love these! 🙂 Hope you are doing well and hope to see you soon!!

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