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daisi - August 30, 2012

Four-Cheese Pizza

daisi - August 30, 2012

Labor Day Shopping Anyone?

daisi - August 30, 2012
4-cheese pizza

So I’ve been getting tons of emails with Labor Day Sales, so I thought I’d share my faves in case anyone has some extra shopping money in their budget. And if you have a lot of extra shopping money in your budget, feel free to buy me any of these… I’ll love you forever.

$34.50 – I think I need this for my honeymoon, don’t you?

$44.50 – perfect for this fall with some tall (or short) boots [taupe / white]

$36.50 – kinda springy, but I think floral will still be in in the spring, surely?

$52.50 – perfect layering dress for fall and winter

$28.50 – If you can pull this off, we are no longer friends.

$26.50 – not sure about this buttoned-up-to-the-top – but unbutton some buttons and this is a fab shirt

$32.50 – [blush / skyway] – everyone needs as many colors as skinny jeans as you can get your hands on. Any of these with a nude top… oh my.

$17.50 – perfect flats

$28.50 – love this iPad case for fall… love this mustard-y color (lots more colors here)

$39.95 – I just bought this skirt. I think it has a lot of potential.

$39.95 – I probably need to go get this top as soon as possible. I love the color and the cut.

$19.95 – does anyone know how to bead? If so, will you teach me?

$49.95 – I haven’t decided how I feel about peplum tops… but if I do end up on the pro-peplum wagon, this would be my first choice. I’m not sure thistechnically qualifies as a “peplum” top, but it’s close enough!

$79.95 – Last but not least, a jacket for the upcoming fall weather. Can you imagine a day with temps under 90º – I can’t!

Let me know what you buy… or if you have any other SALES I need to check out.


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  1. I read in WorkingMother magazine you’re supposed to buy “jewel colored” jeans for fall. They did not say get color sweatpants I should buy to fill out MY fall wardrobe.

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