roasted parmesan asparagus

daisi - August 13, 2012

surprise birthday trip

daisi - August 13, 2012

menu recap [weeks 29 thru 32]

daisi - August 13, 2012
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The past few weeks, hell, months have flown by for us. Each week I’ve been meaning to do a “recap” and each week, I forget or it feels like not enough to “recap.” One recipe does not a recap make. Or would it be one recap does not a recipe make. Either way, you get my drift. Not a lot of activity going on in the kitchen these days… we’ve been busy eating, just not cooking or documenting. So here is the past 3 weeks in recap form. Some recipes I’ve already posted, some I plan to post very soon. I hope you enjoy them all as much as we did!

[week 29]

Spicy Chicken Rice Bowls

[week 30]

chicken burgers with garlic-rosemary mayo

Parmesan Roasted Asparagus

[week 31]

Cheddar Apple Croissant Sandwiches

[week 32] [recipes coming soon]

Cornchip Crusted Halibut with Summer Salad

4-Cheese Pizza


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  1. Such fantastic goals, Julie! I too like to sit down each month and write out my goals + I also love doing mini-goals each week, relaly helps keep me focused. And oh man, more dates, Martin & I are SO working on that one… we just did one last week and it was awesome! Hope your week is off to a great start! xo

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