menu recap [week 34]

daisi - September 10, 2012

lemon cookies with lemon glaze

daisi - September 10, 2012

menu recap [week 35]

daisi - September 10, 2012
menu recap white
menu recap blue
[week 35]

Overall a pretty boring week on the cooking front. I made two different types of meatballs… turkey and beef/pork combo. Very different results…

Earlier in the week, I had some leftover ground turkey so I made these turkey meatballs with a greek yogurt/sriracha dipping sauce. I am so paranoid when cooking chicken and turkey I totally over baked them so they were a bit dry. The dipping sauce helped but I believe next time I should probably put a meat thermometer in them so I don’t overdo it.

With some of the leftover turkey meatballs, I made migas for breakfast. No recipe… Just chopped some onion, chopped some peppers, added some meatballs and eggs and topped with tortilla chips. It was very tasty!

Then, Saturday, September 1, was the first OU football game versus UTEP. We watched the game at our friends Dan & Whitney’s house and I didn’t want to come empty handed so I made the Whiskey-Mustard Meatballs from the new Pioneer Woman cookbook.

This recipe is a keeper (as are most of P-Dub’s recipes), but I do have a couple suggestions. I’d cut the whiskey/broth/cream amount in half. Mine did not reduce enough and was pretty runny… so I think cutting it in half would result in a creamier, thicker, saucier sauce. I’ll let you know when I make these again if it worked like I think it will.

The OU watch party was also Dan’s birthday party… so here are some of my favorite snapshots from the night.


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