menu recap [week 36]

daisi - September 30, 2012

oven-baked sweet potato fries

daisi - September 30, 2012

restaurant week recap [week 37]

daisi - September 30, 2012

Week 37 kicked off Restaurant Week in Tulsa. I decided to eat myself silly in the name of charity. There were some really great restaurants on the list this time and who am I to NOT try as many menus that I could in one week? Believe me I tried my best!


I chose lunch at Polo Grill – didn’t get a pic of the entire meal, but the dessert was to die for. Plain cheesecake with a touch of strawberry is just my thing. The rest of my lunch consisted of Oven Roasted Tomato Bisque (get it) and Chopped Tenderloin Steak (eh). Meal one of Restaurant Week, success.

Monday night for dinner, we branched out and met some friends at Bluestone Steakhouse & Seafood. No one had ever tried it and at a steakhouse we knew we’d get our money’s worth! Maria & Brandon ordered an appetizer because we were all starving. The artichoke dip was really good – so good we had already eaten most of it before I remembered to snap a pic.

For dinner, everyone got the filet, but since I had tenderloin for lunch I went with the artichoke chicken. It was really tasty and I would definitely order it again. The filets were hit and miss, some were cooked perfectly while others were way overdone. The prices on their regular menu are reasonable though and I’d recommend it if you’re wanting a steak but don’t want to pay Mahogany prices.

And the desserts here were amazing. I went with peach and blueberry cobbler and it was the best cobbler I’ve ever had at a restaurant (can’t beat homemade cobbler). Our waiter told us the secret to the crust was cream cheese. Might have to give it a whirl at home sometime.

And Sam had the Amish pecan pie. We weren’t exactly sure what qualified it as “Amish” but it was great too.


We took a little trip to one of my favorites, Smoke, for lunch on Tuesday. I had the burger and loved it. They do a $5 burger night each week on Mondays, highly recommend it.



Friday was our monthly dinner club at Dan & Whitney’s. This month’s theme was “brinner” – aka – breakfast for dinner. Whitney went above and beyond (as usual) and made us baked mini-donuts for an appetizer. YUM.


I met some friends for Sunday brunch at R-Bar on Sunday. First of all, the mason jar mimosa… I’ll give you a tip: SHARE. This thing is danger and huge. Share it with a friend.

And secondly, the food was great. Sitting on the patio is great for these “fall” weekends too.

After brunch, I just napped all day (thanks to that mimosa), but luckily I have a cute cuddle buddy.

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