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daisi - December 10, 2012

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daisi - December 10, 2012

Poofy Wreath

daisi - December 10, 2012
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You guys… I got crafty. It all started one night at my friend Jessica’s house. She was telling me about a pom pom wreath she saw at Anthropologie (a whopping $128!) and we decided to make one ourselves.

Here is the inspiration wreath:

We scheduled a trip to Hobby Lobby and purchased the poofiest yarn we could find, along with a wreath form, some floral pins and some burlap. I wanted something to wrap around the styrofoam form so that if I “missed as pot” the green boringness wouldn’t show through. You could use anything you have on hand like leftover material or yarn.


Then the poof-ball making process began. Originally we purchased a poof maker from Hobby Lobby ($10), but don’t waste your money. I could not figure out how to work it and you can make the same poofs using your hands or a piece of cardboard.

Watch this video on how to make the pom-poms or poofs using cardboard (or substitute your hand).

So, now, just sit back, relax and start making some yarn-balls-poofs-pom-poms-whatever-you-want-to-call-them. I wanted mine in all different sizes, so I cut several templates of cardboard. Once you have quite a few poofs made, you can start pinning them to your styrofoam form. Don’t forget to wrap your form with burlap, material, or yarn before you start the pinning process! Once you have some of them pinned, you’ll have an idea of how many more you need or what shapes/sizes work best for your taste. Make the remainder of the poofs and pin them how you like. Every wreath is unique and personalized.

Here is my finished product:

Jess and I with our anthropologie-inspired poofy wreaths.


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