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daisi - December 30, 2012

Ina’s Mustard Chicken Salad

daisi - December 30, 2012

the best of 2012

daisi - December 30, 2012
best of 2012 - resized

I’ve taken a look back to see what the most popular recipe posts of 2012 were… some are a bit surprising. I had forgotten about some, yeah, my memory is great. Were these some of your favorites as well?

{january 2012} Of course January resulted in a healthy breakfast smoothie as everyone was making their resolutions and such. The smoothie is easy and healthy and a great breakfast for 2012 and 2013. The next most-popular post was a time-saving chicken stock made in the slow-cooker. Homemade chicken stock is better in every way than store bought. Make some and freeze it so you always have some on hand.2012 recap

blueberry avocado smoothie | slow-cooker chicken stock

{february 2012} February was all about comfort food. The baked cheese grit recipe was shared by my friend Katie on her blog, which certainly helped propel it to the most viewed post of the month. That, and they are so delicious and comforting. Next up was the chicken tamale casserole recipe, which is great for making ahead or eating immediately. And lastly, another slow-cooker meal, continuing the theme from January that we all like convenience when it comes to cooking.

February 2012

baked cheese grits | chicken tamale casserole | slow-cooker indian curry

{march 2012} The oven-baked turkey sliders took pinterest by storm. That’s where I got the original idea, but I don’t like ham so I changed them up a bit. I combined two of the most popular pinterest slider recipes to create the ultimate turkey slider. They are so good, I hope you’ve made them once or twice in 2012. The next most popular post was the how-to make your own breadcrumbs. After reading this and seeing the unnecessary ingredients in store bought breadcrumbs, I think this is more important now than when I posted it. And last, but not least, the New Orleans spicy shrimp recipe goes perfectly with the baked cheese grits above.

March 2012

oven-baked turkey sliders | [how-to] make homemade breadcrumbs | new orleans spicy shrimp

{april 2012} April only had a handful of posts, but there were quite a few popular ones. First and foremost, the no-mayo spicy tuna salad. Who knew so many people had a mayo aversion? I used to, but I’m over it now. Whether you’re into mayo or not, this tuna salad is a healthy, delicious way to enjoy tuna. Next up was the recipe for boursin-cream bowties with asparagus & portobellos which was actually retweeted by Boursin – claim to fame!

2012 found me cooking with ingredients that I had never cooked with before… like lamb. These lamb tacos with spicy tzatziki were a unique take on taco night. I have since discovered that I love lamb and thoroughly enjoy lamb sliders, tacos, etc. And the fourth most popular post was the enchiladas verdes. Chicken enchiladas with a spinach cheesy sauce that you can make ahead or freeze. Great for delivering to new moms or recovering friends.

April 2012

no-mayo spicy tuna salad | boursin-cream bowties | lamb tacos with spicy tzatziki | enchiladas verdes

{may 2012} May was wedding month, hence the healthy recipes that won out this month. The meatballs with zucchini & tomatoes is from the Paleo plan website and is a nice way to cut the carbs from a meal without missing them at all. The crustless quiche I made in May, might be the best discovery I made all year. You definitely don’t miss the crust in this hearty meal that can be served for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

2012 recap

meatballs with zucchini & tomatoes crustless quiche with bacon  & spinach

{june 2012} June was a slow month for me, but there were a couple posts worth sharing. I completely butchered the execution of the calzone, but the flavors were so good I shared anyway. And the beer battered green beans are amazing. I made them again for an OU watch party and they were gone the second they were cool enough to eat. The aioli makes the recipe so definitely make it with the green beans.

June 2012

salami & mozzarella calzone | beer battered green beans

{july 2012} The most viewed post for July was kind of shocking to me. Who knew that slow-cooked baked beans would be so popular!?  Next was the pineapple infused vodka… I had a feeling this one would be a hit, I mean, I loved it, so why wouldn’t everyone else. And finally, the breakfast bake was very popular. It’s a super easy breakfast for a crowd, highly recommend it for your next breakfast. Your New Year 2013 breakfast, perhaps?

July 2012

slow-cooked baked beans | pineapple infused vodka | breakfast bake

{august 2012} The chicken rice bowls are a do-it-at-home version of the Chipotle/Qdoba burrito bowls. I made cilantro-lime brown rice for a little healthier version and you can use whatever toppings you and your family love. The highly customizable “recipe” was a success! Another popular knock-off this month was the cheddar apple croissant sandwich. If you haven’t tried it yet, please do. It is almost life-changing. And the next two most popular posts came from a couple cookbooks (Giada & Ina to be exact). I served them together for a healthy take on burger and fries.

August 2012

spicy chicken rice bowls | cheddar apple croissant sandwich | chicken burgers with garlic-rosemary mayo | roasted parmesan asparagus

{september 2012} The most popular post for September made me laugh. Actually, seeing how many views it had gave me the idea for this little 2012 recap because I started wondering what other posts people were interested in. The most popular post this month was brought to you buy Sam. It’s his frito-chili-cheese-pie. I guess everyone was sick of my healthy posts! And the next most popular post this month was the lemon glazed lemon cookies. I’ve made these cookies several times this year and they are always gone within a day, so they must be good.

September 2012

frito chili-cheese pie | lemon glazed lemon cookies

{october 2012} The one and only “favorite” post from October is a great recipe, it was one of only three posts I made in October. Guess I was busy or something.

IMG_4496 - Copyoven-baked sweet potato fries

 {november 2012} November wasn’t much better… another three posts. The two most popular were the texas chili and skillet vegetarian curry – two completely different recipe types, but both are very good. It’s still chili weather so make the chili and let me know what you think!

november 2012

texas chili & chili bar | skillet vegetarian curry

{december 2012} Well, it’s still December but here is what has been the most popular so far…salted caramel pecan bars! I cannot even count how many batches of these I’ve made, but trust me, it’s a lot. I’ve made them with and without chocolate and both ways are ridiculous. Addicting is a word that most best describes this dessert. And green bean bundles bring up a distant second for the month. I’m including them, because you need to try them.

December 2012

salted caramel pecan bars | green bean bundles

And there you have it… the recap of all recaps of 2012. Hope you enjoyed the last year as much as I have… especially all the yummy food!

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