buffalo chicken french bread pizzas

daisi - January 23, 2013

my January menu

daisi - January 23, 2013

Cinco de Mayo Bachelorette Party – Part 2

daisi - January 23, 2013
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my menu

If you missed Part 1 of the bachelorette party, you can review it here.

Friday – Quatro de Mayo – we decided to walk to a brunch place that came highly recommended, Moonshine Patio Bar & Grill. We knew the other girls would be arriving that afternoon, so a low-key morning was perfect. The food was incredible, I don’t recall what we all had, but I remember we loved it.


We stopped for some photography opportunities on the way back to the hotel… I’m no professional, but we had fun!


Back at the room, it was time to get ready for the arrival of the rest of the group: Katy, Trier, Lindsay, & Molly. Jess brought all kinds of goodies for everyone – my favorite was the bags that were stamped with “Los Ultimas Dias Libres De Daisi’s”  loosely translated to “Daisi’s last days of freedom”.  We also had miniature sombrero clips for everyone (thanks to Lindsay for the idea and for getting them for everyone!).


I had also brought some gifts for all the girls… I got the idea from Marry This. They were little gift boxes filled with mini-alcohol bottles and a five-hour energy in case we needed it. I thought they turned out so cute – an easy way to say “thanks for celebrating with me!”



The cast of characters:

5After some pool time, it was time to get ready for the evening. They threw me a great shower and then it was time to…. take PICS (duh).


And of course, more timer pics.


When we left, the girls surprised me with a limo to dinner! How fun!!!

8And when we got in the limo, the perfect song came on… HOLD ON by Wilson Phillips. And I got serenaded and yes, there is video. I think they might de-friend me if I post it. So, take this scene from the movie Bridesmaids and picture my friends acting it out. And email me if you really want to see it 🙂

Dinner on the lake and a beautiful sunset, combined with some Texas hating made for the perfect evening.


The rest of the night we went to a bar with a rooftop and danced the night away. Back at the hotel, things got dicey when Lindsay & I realized how dirty our feet were from dancing barefoot. We borrowed a luggage cart to get upstairs. I think the hotel staff loved us.



11The end of Friday night… hopefully I’ll get the Saturday (Cinco de Mayo) pics up before May 2013!!!!



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