creamy tomato soup

daisi - January 4, 2014

my november menu

daisi - January 4, 2014

my september/october menu

daisi - January 4, 2014
creamy tomato soup
september october

It appears I didn’t cook much in September or October. I was out of town quite a bit so I’m guessing that contributed to the lack of activity in my kitchen. Here is a glance at what I did get to in the fall.


chili cook-off | Sam’s office held a chili cook-off this year. Sam’s team chose his chili as the representative for the office contest, unfortunately he didn’t win, but maybe next year! This chili recipe is a good base with room for your own additions/substitutions. It makes a ton so have a party or freeze some for later.

spaghetti squash

spaghetti squash | My dad grew spaghetti squash this year, so when I found myself with more than I could eat this year, I decided to cook it and freeze it in meal-sized portions. I previously had attempted roasting spaghetti squash and it took way too long and I was too impatient to wait for it. This time around I used the microwave (see link for instructions) and let me tell you, it was much, much easier. Once it was cooked, I scraped the “spaghetti” into ~1 cup rounds on a baking sheet and popped them in the freezer. Once frozen, I transferred them to a ziploc baggy for freezer storage. They are easy to reheat straight from the freezer. I will definitely be doing this again.

cucumber salad

creamy dilled cucumber salad | Every year, my mom has an Oktoberfest party in Kingfisher. I had to miss it last year, but this year Sam, Megan & I made the trip for good beer and good food. Megan had made this salad at one of her parties so I borrowed the recipe and made some to go with the bratwurst and German potato salad.

creamy tomato soupcreamy tomato soup | This tomato soup is worth the extra effort. It’s easy, but requires a little more effort than opening a can.  It’s a good one to make ahead and freeze for later too, so try it today.

slowcooker italian beef

slow-cooker Italian beef | I made this for our Halloween night dinner. It’s an easy slow-cooker meal with delicious results. Great for a crowd!

The next two month’s recaps are in the works and are FULL of great recipes I can’t wait to share.


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