Two Olive Garden Knock-Offs

daisi - July 23, 2014

weeks 12 & 14

daisi - July 23, 2014

catching up AND week 11

daisi - July 23, 2014
gnocchi soup
weeks 12 and 19
week 11 blog cover

Catching up with the world since my four month hiatus… I think my last post was about 1 week before I found THIS out. So you’ll hopefully understand that my absence has been caused by sheer busyness of growing another human being in my body. In the beginning I was super duper tired and lazy, which I didn’t realize so much at the time, but now that I have my energy back it’s clear that I was pretty worthless for the first few months. 

I will post all of my weekly updates (it’s really about every two weeks) soon but I wanted to start at the beginning with my first one, which was week 11 (around mid-May).

We are due in early December with our first child and it’s been a crazy roller coaster of fun since finding out. We kept it under wraps until we heard the heartbeat at 11 weeks and then we spilled the beans like crazy! So far I’ve been VERY lucky in the pregnancy symptom department. The sleepiness/laziness has really been my biggest complaint and I won’t DARE complain about it as I know several, several women who are sick for months on end. I honestly don’t know how they do it. 

Looking forward to sharing the rest of the weeks and finally catching up on what I’ve been up to in the kitchen.

Week 11

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