catching up AND week 11

daisi - July 25, 2014

easy summer app | cantaloupe skewers

daisi - July 25, 2014

weeks 12 & 14

daisi - July 25, 2014
week 11 blog cover
cantaloupe skewers
weeks 12 and 19

I’m combining weeks 12 and 14 in one update because both are a little ‘lite’ on the subject. I’m telling you, I was pretty lazy in the beginning.

Week 12

Here is the adorable adirondack chair that Jess got us to match our front porch chairs. I’m obsessed with this little thing!

Week 12_07 - edit


And apparently week 14 didn’t get any words… I can’t remember that far back, so the picture will have to stand alone. I know I wasn’t showing yet and still was feeling fine, except for the whole lazy/exhausted thing. Other than that, I can’t complain at all!

Week 14_04_edit

The pile of stuff gathering in the ‘to be’ nursery is growing… but I have yet to make much progress on actually DOING anything with it.

Week 14_10 - edit

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