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daisi - August 5, 2014

week 21

daisi - August 5, 2014

week 19

daisi - August 5, 2014
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week 21 blog
week 19 mango

19 weeks was about 3 weeks ago – slowly catching up on the updates! Still working on finding a daycare, it’s crazy. I never imagined you’d have to call for the good places LONG before we even told people we were pregnant. Lots of movement these days, mostly first thing in the morning. I guess the baby is a morning person, which does not bode well for me. Good thing Sam is a weekend morning person too!

I’ve been to prenatal yoga a few times. I really like it, it’s very relaxing. Although, this week some stretch we did or something pinched my sciatic nerve. I could barely walk to my birthday dinner. After lots of stretching and massages, I was back to normal by Monday (thank goodness).

And lastly, I still need to get on the ball on the nursery (I say that every week)!

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