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daisi - August 25, 2014

Roasted Garlic Baked Brie

daisi - August 25, 2014

week 24

daisi - August 25, 2014
photo 2
week 24 blog

Everything is going great – I cannot complain at all. We started painting the nursery this past weekend (technically week 25) and it’s killing me not to share a sneak peek, BUT I know waiting until it’s completed will be even better. However, the next weekly update pic I take will have a tiny glimpse of something new…

Week 24_01_edit

I am getting monthly ultrasounds now ever since the 20-week appointment. Nothing is majorly wrong, but the cord is in the wrong place on the placenta so that could potentially hinder growth. So far so good though! Plus, I love getting to see him/her every month.

24-week ultrasound 1 - blog

This next pic is my favorite – I added some notes so you can hopefully see what I see. If you tilt your head to the right, it’s like you’re looking up Baby’s nose. But you can see lips, that look to me like they’re going to be big like Sam’s.

24-week ultrasound 3 - blog

Here’s a fun comparison of Baby O and Sam as a baby. Pretty stinking cute.

Sam v. Baby

We’ll be taking bets on gender at the baby shower – so far the “BOYS” are leading the charge. I don’t know either way at all. Any guesses?


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