Roasted Garlic Baked Brie

daisi - December 10, 2014

Make Ahead French Toast Casserole

daisi - December 10, 2014

week 29

daisi - December 10, 2014
acorn squash

Well, time has flown by. I’m now 40+ weeks along, just waiting ever-so-patiently for baby O to make their debut. A lot of things have contributed to my non-updates. The most significant one is the fact that my laptop broke. Not easy to update a blog without a computer. I got a new computer a month or so ago, but it has taken me this long to get it up and running because work was crazy busy. I know, I know, excuses, excuses. To the main event – here is my Week 29 update (SO long ago). It’s also a little preview of the nursery…

week 29 - edit - resize


Also, I can’t get over how HUGE I thought I was back then and how not huge I really was (at least compared to now!).

IMG_5688 - resize IMG_5686 - resize

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