I am not a writer. In real life I’m a nerd. I am a number cruncher by day and a wanna be chef-crafter-photographer by night.

I love to cook. I didn’t know that I loved to cook until about halfway through college, otherwise I might have gone to culinary school rather than nerd school. Although, lack of a culinary training hasn’t stopped me yet.

Most of my blog will revolve around things I’ve cooked and/or want to cook. But I will be throwing in bits of pieces of my life as needed. Sometimes I do craft projects that I will share. Most of the time I start them and finish them a year or so later, but I’ll still share.

Okay, so if you’re still wondering “about me” – here are more things you might like to know:

  • I love animals. All animals. Even gross ones. (Except spiders because they’re the creepiest, grossest ever.)
  • My friends trained me to be pretentious in college and I’m pretty sure it worked because now I only hang out with pretty people.
  • People have called me “brutally honest” a time or two. I think that’s a compliment.
  • I’ve only updated my facebook status once in six years.
  • I have freckles. And NO, I’ve never tried to count them.
  • I was a cheerleader in high school and will still occasionally do a toe-touch if the circumstances are just right.
  • I love lamp.

Still want to know more? Here are some reviews from friends and family:

“Underneath all those freckles is a heart bigger than the biggest pot roast… She loves cooking for people! I knew she was gonna be “foodie” way back in her late grade school and high school days… then, especially when she got her driver’s license and asked if she could go to the grocery store. I sure had to watch my wallet! I called her “Chef-Boy-R-Daisi” for fun (and still do). Oh… and she can tap dance, too!”
-Daisi’s Mom, aka Jo-Mom, aka Most Kick-ass Cancer Survivor Around

“Daisi is always cheffin’ it up. She cooks for dozens on any given night and always makes it look easy and taste delicious. She would easily win Dancing with the Stars if they ever decided to let gingers participate.”
Rebecca Fernandez, editor of many websites on the Internet.

“Daisi came into my life decades ago, okay a decade ago. After numerous trips to her dorm room in highly inappropriate costumes, multiple failed attempts to learn how to do toe touches from her, a set of matching bedspreads and a series of fabulous dinners and parties she’s hostessed with the mostessed, she has entrenched herself as one of my favorites for always… whether she wants it or not.”
-Karin Rowe, President, Pretentious Deltas of America

“I am so proud of how far Daisi has come since college, she was a notorious self abuser who loved to hit herself repeatedly, once coming back from an evening out singing songs and reciting scripture, she had an outbreak, I attempted to stop her from hitting herself, but she overpowered me with her Ginger Strength. There were tears and accusations, but at the end of the night, we found a happy place and since that fateful evening she’s never heard me ask, ‘Why are you hitting yourself, Daisi? Stop Hitting yourself!!!’ again.”
-Rory McCarthy, One responsible for Daisi hitting herself; Exceptional speller of the word “sasudge”

“Let’s see…  Daisi is the nicest B I know, favorite travel partner, aunt to my dogs, and life-long friend. Love her parties, stories, and laughter. Probably the coolest (and only) ginger I know.”
-Katy Anderson, Daisi’s One and Only Volunteer Sous Chef

“I hold high respect for someone who can feed a mob of people, chomping at the bit, and do it in a time-conscious manner. This is something that I’ve never done well, somehow always finishing too quickly and worrying about food sitting too long or worse, scorching. Daisi has taught me how to put flavor into my food which is something I’ve always been scared of. One trick she taught me is to add whatever spices or herbs I like and not be scared of the result, because if you like them to start out with, you probably will be happy with the end result. I’ve never seen the girl measure anything either, always a pinch here or a dash there. Being a creative person myself I think you just have to know how to have balance in your creation. Not only is she a wonderful friend, but my teacher in the kitchen- and the perks of being a guinea pig aren’t so bad either.”
-Jessica Landon, 100% Responsible for Daisi’s Lucious Locks