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week 21

daisi - August 12, 2014
week 21 blog

  So I thought I was going to get caught up by this week, but not so much. This is about 2 weeks ago…so I’m close! I’m dead serious about the heartburn, I am really dreading it if I get it. Although I’ve heard it means your baby will be born with a lot of hair, which is the cutest thing ever… I’m not sure …

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week 19

daisi - August 5, 2014
week 19 mango

19 weeks was about 3 weeks ago – slowly catching up on the updates! Still working on finding a daycare, it’s crazy. I never imagined you’d have to call for the good places LONG before we even told people we were pregnant. Lots of movement these days, mostly first thing in the morning. I guess the baby is a morning person, which does not bode …

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week 17

daisi - July 30, 2014
week 17

Almost caught up to the present (21 1/2 weeks) – after the first trimester, time has just flown by. I nested early and need to get some of that motivation back to actually start on/finish the nursery.   Went to Washington D.C. with my mom to celebrate her upcoming 50th birthday. We did and saw everything we set out to. My feet deserve an award …

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weeks 12 & 14

daisi - July 25, 2014
weeks 12 and 19

I’m combining weeks 12 and 14 in one update because both are a little ‘lite’ on the subject. I’m telling you, I was pretty lazy in the beginning. Here is the adorable adirondack chair that Jess got us to match our front porch chairs. I’m obsessed with this little thing!   And apparently week 14 didn’t get any words… I can’t remember that far back, …

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catching up AND week 11

daisi - July 23, 2014
week 11 blog cover

Catching up with the world since my four month hiatus… I think my last post was about 1 week before I found THIS out. So you’ll hopefully understand that my absence has been caused by sheer busyness of growing another human being in my body. In the beginning I was super duper tired and lazy, which I didn’t realize so much at the time, but …

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“real” food recipes

daisi - March 5, 2013
real food

My Lenten venture this year is complicated. I have decided I will try to cut out processed foods during Lent and continue thereafter as a lifelong way of eating. Now, this being said, I know it won’t be possible 100% of the time, but I’m making a conscious effort to know exactly what I’m putting in my body. I’m using the blog 100 days of real food as my …

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valentine’s day 2013

daisi - March 4, 2013
garlic scallops

This year for Valentine’s Day we stuck with our tradition of going out to dinner with Sam’s mom and this year, Alison was able to join us. We chose a very romantic meal… coneys. Nothing says love like chili and cheese! On Friday, we chose to celebrate our first married Valentine’s Day by staying in and cooking a delicious meal by ourselves. Sam wanted to …

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my february menu

daisi - March 1, 2013

Here’s what we made during February – some oldies but goodies! browned butter risotto | risotto? good. browned butter? good. browned butter risotto? GREAT! brined pork chops with spaghetti squash | these pork chops were to die for, I loved the sweet/savory flavor that the brine gives. My spaghetti squash technique needs some work though… I baked it for double the time listed in the recipe …

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my January menu

daisi - February 1, 2013
my menu

Since I wasn’t really great at keeping up with my weekly menu recaps last year, I decided to try something different this year: a monthly recap. You can click most of the pics below to take you to the recipe. And, here is what I made in January… enjoy. Pioneer Woman cinnamon rolls | Technically I made these in 2012, BUT we had them for breakfast …

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Cinco de Mayo Bachelorette Party – Part 2

daisi - January 23, 2013

If you missed Part 1 of the bachelorette party, you can review it here. Friday – Quatro de Mayo – we decided to walk to a brunch place that came highly recommended, Moonshine Patio Bar & Grill. We knew the other girls would be arriving that afternoon, so a low-key morning was perfect. The food was incredible, I don’t recall what we all had, but …

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