week 29

daisi - December 10, 2014
acorn squash

Well, time has flown by. I’m now 40+ weeks along, just waiting ever-so-patiently for baby O to make their debut. A lot of things have contributed to my non-updates. The most significant one is the fact that my laptop broke. Not easy to update a blog without a computer. I got a new computer a month or so ago, but it has taken me this …

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week 24

daisi - August 25, 2014
week 24 blog

Everything is going great – I cannot complain at all. We started painting the nursery this past weekend (technically week 25) and it’s killing me not to share a sneak peek, BUT I know waiting until it’s completed will be even better. However, the next weekly update pic I take will have a tiny glimpse of something new… I am getting monthly ultrasounds now ever …

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Christmas Whirlwind 2011

daisi - January 3, 2012

This year Christmas fell on a Sunday, which is great for most people. Except dentists. Sam didn’t get a day off for the holiday this year, so that means we squeezed ALL of our Christmas into 2 days. Saturday we drove to Guthrie for Christmas Eve at my grandparent’s house. These little guys make Christmas so much fun! These are my cousins, yes, cousins. I’m …

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My Little Namesake

daisi - December 24, 2011

Early in December, our family welcomed our first ______ (fill in the blank: niece, grandchild, daughter), our first everything! She is pretty adorable and I’m not biased at all. Not even a little bit. I am the ONLY aunt, so therefore the automatic favorite. Which is pretty incredible. So here is my Christmas Eve gift to you… My little Piper Rene’. My equally adorable sister… …

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Girls Night: Cookbook Exchange

daisi - December 22, 2011

This year, my work friends and I decided to have a cookbook exchange for Christmas. Maybe people have been doing this for years… but it was my first time. It was so fun and so practical, as most cookbooks are less than $20. Plus, who doesn’t love a new cookbook? The only downfall was the weather – it was so cold and rainy, but provided …

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flashback to June: Kansas City

daisi - December 20, 2011
road trip

Yes, I’m so far behind on updating my blog with my social activities. Yes, I realize June was six months ago. Yes, I will get caught up. In late June, we decided to road-trip it to Kansas City to watch the Royals play the Cubs (thanks for organizing Jordan). We left early Friday morning and got to KC in time for lunch with a friend (hint: bridesmaid) …

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Christmas with Friends

daisi - December 17, 2011
New Year Party

I mentioned last week that we attended a Christmas dinner at a friend’s house. Not only was it absolutely beautiful, the menu was incredible. Best meal I’ve had in a LONG time. Whitney really outdid herself this year!! Each place setting came with a beautiful ornament that also served as a party favor. What a great idea! The menu consisted of the following (disclaimer – these …

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daisi - December 14, 2011

’tis the season for giving, right? I might be a little behind on my blog reading, but I just saw a wonder thing that a blog I love is doing and I wanted to share. You can read all about it there, but basically she started a forum for helping people who need help. Genius, right? If you need help, or better yet, if you …

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Piper’s Baby Shower

daisi - November 29, 2011

Since my niece has yet to make an appearance… I thought I’d share the lovely baby shower we had for her in September (still playing blog-catch-up).  The theme was a Milk & Cookie baby shower, inspired by SEVERAL blogs. I got my invitations on Etsy, which I highly recommend if you’re watching costs. Most sellers will customize colors, fonts, and pretty much anything you want. …

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