Fakesgiving Watch Party

daisi - November 21, 2011

Since I’m not originally from Tulsa, I like to host holiday dinners with my friends before I travel to northwest Oklahoma to visit family. For the past 5-6 years, I’ve hosted various Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners/parties. Last year, I started something new – a Thanksgiving-themed football watch party. I took everyone’s favorite Thanksgiving dishes and attempted to transform them into “football” food. It was so …

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it’s me!

daisi - October 24, 2011

Well, I finally took the plunge and switched from blogspot to my own website! I’m beyond excited and am learning a lot. I hope to update more frequently once I get this all figured out. I hope you’ll visitregularly for recipes and updates!  

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Helping Joplin

daisi - September 27, 2011

During May 2011, Joplin, MO, was devastated by a mile-wide F5 tornado. In June, a friend of mine organized a group of volunteers to make the hour and a half drive to Joplin. I can’t even begin to tell you how lucky I am to have such good-hearted friends who organized this trip. I had wanted to help but hadn’t taken a step towards it, …

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Drop til you Shop – Part 1

daisi - September 19, 2011

I’ve decided to do something drastic and ridiculous and terrifying. I am not going to shop for 30 days. Or at least attempt not to. I’ve decided that if I get the urge, you know the one, I’ll allow thrift store shopping only and I’ll set a budget of maybe $10? It’s causing me anxiety just typing this, I’m not so sure it’s a good …

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Orlando in June

daisi - September 9, 2011

Continuing our cram-packed summer, we had a very full June (and July and August, which is why I’m just now getting around to posting June!). I’ll try to get better, promise! Our June started with an impromptu trip to Orlando. We knew Sam’s fam was going for vacay to celebrate Adam’s last few weeks before Air Force boot camp, but what we didn’t know is …

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Loving Summer

daisi - July 25, 2011

Here is a quick pic recap of what we’ve been up to so far this summer. I celebrated Cinco de Mayo with friends at a Drillers game and then Elote for some luchador wrestling. Watching, not participating. On the way to our car, we happened upon a random shopping cart and had some fun! Later in May, our friends, Dan & Whitney hosted their annual …

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Tulsa Food Trucks

daisi - April 26, 2011
cover illustration

From the first time I ate at a “food truck” that wasn’t at the state fair, I knew I was hooked. Fresh food, in an instant, for a great price… sign me up any day. Food trucks have been blowing up everywhere thanks to the Great Food Truck Race on the Food Network. Not going to lie, I watched it one day when they ran …

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daisi - April 13, 2011

(pic stolen from Duane’s facebook) Our friends Becky and Duane hosted one of the best parties we’ve been to in ages… March Radness. It was a tournament to celebrate the tournament. Beer pong to celebrate basketball. What could be better? I’ll tell you what could be better…costumes! It was a themed beer pong tourney. This is my kinda party. Unfortunately, my costume was the WORST. …

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My New Favorite Pastimes

daisi - April 2, 2011

I just happened upon a couple new websites (new to me, at least) and they are SO much fun. The first is Pinterest which is basically an online version of a “inspiration” book that we all have with tear outs from magazines. Mine is so unorganized, but this online version is so much easier to access and organize. You can let other members add to …

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Guthrie Visit

daisi - March 15, 2011

Went to visit the fam last weekend because it had been a while (like, since Christmas). Of course, when I go to Guthrie I have a few stops to make. First, I saw this little guy who has basically doubled in size since birth! Look at those cheeks, and lips, and eyes… He was sick but still in a great mood! Loved holding him for …

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