Roasted Garlic Baked Brie

daisi - December 10, 2014

As I mentioned on instagram, I’ve made this brie several times now but I always fail to get an after picture. I blame the vultures that are usually hovering and waiting for it to come out of the oven. And by vultures, I mean family (love you guys). But seriously, this brie is simple and delicious. Just takes a little time to roast the garlic …

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easy summer app | cantaloupe skewers

daisi - July 26, 2014
cantaloupe skewers

  We were hosting dinner club and I needed a quick and light appetizer, as we were having bratwurst and mac and cheese for dinner (very heavy). A quick search of my pinterest board, found me these little cantaloupe, mozzarella, prosciutto skewers from the Comfort of Cooking site. I gave it my own spin by using basil instead of parsley. I also considered making the melon …

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my december menu

daisi - February 14, 2014

Here’s a glimpse of some dishes I made during this past December. Lots of keeper recipes!!! spiced pumpkin cake | Another successful recipe from the Real Simple cookbook. You know I’m not much of a baker but this cake was simple and delicious. Plus it looks pretty. almond bark with pretzels, M&Ms, & craisins | There is no recipe required for almond bark. It’s as …

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Just Peachy

daisi - August 10, 2011

Salsa is one of my all-time favorite things to eat. Especially in the summer when a nice, cool snack always sounds refreshing. Unfortunately, the unrelenting heat has turned my plants into something like this. Needless to say, I have zero tomato plants. In all honesty, I have zero plants. I left for one weekend and they all dried out. You could probably say I’m a …

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Extra Cheesy Bread

daisi - March 14, 2011
Cheese Bread

Cheesy bread is a great addition to any meal, vegetarian or not. And when you mix fresh mozzarella cheese with your basic dip recipe, the results are a delicious versatile (yes, versatile) side dish. I say versatile because once you’ve used this as a side dish, you can use it as the base for a nice open face sandwich with the toppings of your choice. …

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Roasted Tomatillo Salsa

daisi - February 1, 2011

The super bowl is quickly approaching and I have seen about a thousand recipes for dips I’d like to try. I’m even considering having a “dip party” so I can eat as many dips as possible in a single day. Don’t judge. I love this salsa recipe because it’s a different, tasty, you can use it in various recipes (foreshadowing much?) and most importantly it’s …

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