my december menu

daisi - February 14, 2014

Here’s a glimpse of some dishes I made during this past December. Lots of keeper recipes!!! spiced pumpkin cake | Another successful recipe from the Real Simple cookbook. You know I’m not much of a baker but this cake was simple and delicious. Plus it looks pretty. almond bark with pretzels, M&Ms, & craisins | There is no recipe required for almond bark. It’s as …

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roasted garlic-parmigiano broccoli

daisi - January 1, 2014
2013_Roasted Broccoli_06

I know it’s been a while, but I thought I’d share a great side dish I made over the holidays. I made it for 2 Christmas dinners because it is so good and so easy. I found it in a Food & Wine holiday suggested recipes email. The butter alone is worth making this recipe, we used the extra butter for rolls & it was delicious!   …

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my july/august menu

daisi - December 28, 2013
july august menu

Summertime cooking is hit or miss for me. It’s so hot, so it’s hard to really want to cook. But this year we got a grill, so that changed things a lot! pepperoni burgers | I really made these in June, but wanted to recap here since I forgot to include it in the June recap. It’s a unique take on burgers, that will be sure …

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my april menu

daisi - May 9, 2013

April was a crazy busy month. We had a wedding in Marfa (a friend recaps it here), a surprise 40th birthday and we spent A LOT of time unpacking in the new house (still a lot more to do).  Not a lot of cooking happened in the beginning since my kitchen was all in boxes, but it was the first room completely ready and I couldn’t wait to …

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vegetarian soba noodle stir-fry

daisi - March 18, 2013
2013_vegetarian soba noodles_06

I found this recipe in my quest for “real” food. It’s vegetarian. It’s vegan. It’s “real”. It’s customizable. It’s filling. It’s delicious. Substitute any of your favorite veggies for a dish that is all your own. I meant to add mushrooms and obviously that didn’t happen. I think a 1/2 of an onion would be good in this too. Change it up, see what you …

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slow-cooker red curry beef

daisi - January 11, 2013
2013_slow cooker red curry beef_08

I found this recipe in my Paleo Slow Cooking cookbook. I think it’s safe to say that I am slightly obsessed with red curry. I could put it on anything, well, almost anything. I’ve put it on pad thai, fried rice, and roasted veggies. It exotic and delicious and, to my surprise, easy to make at home. All you need is red curry paste and …

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Ina’s Mustard Chicken Salad

daisi - January 1, 2013

My love for the Food Network is getting out of hand. It seems as if every time I watch a show, I am compelled to make whatever it is. And it’s on my mind until I actually make the meal/dessert/side item. And this is 100% true when the show is the Barefoot Contessa. Her recipes are always thoughtful, yet simple. And her laid back charm …

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life / menu recap [week 12 & 13]

daisi - April 3, 2012
menu recap blue

[Weeks 12 & 13] Okay – I’ve been on a cooking hiatus so this is more of a life recap, than a menu recap. Starting with St. Patrick’s Day, I went out to eat for almost EVERY meal. Not good, not good. But here a few pics of my St. Patty’s celebration as a consolation. Sam was gone for 2 weeks and the only thing I …

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Crispy Orange Beef

daisi - February 19, 2012

After the huge success that was beef with snow peas, I was eager to attempt similar recipes. I came across a recipe for crispy orange beef that sounded promising. This recipe is somewhat time consuming, so leave plenty of time to prepare it. I think you’ll enjoy the citrusy, crispy beef and if you serve it with brown rice it’s a very healthy REAL meal. Here’s what …

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1 list / 2 meatless meals

daisi - June 8, 2011

When I go to the grocery store or preferably, the farmers’ market, I tend to overbuy vegetables. Nothing wrong with that, especially when it leads to two great meatless meals in one week. I know the list looks rather long, but vegetables are pretty cheap and you can always substitute your favorites for what I used in the recipes below. What you’ll need: ginger, honey, …

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