my february menu

daisi - March 1, 2013

Here’s what we made during February – some oldies but goodies! browned butter risotto | risotto? good. browned butter? good. browned butter risotto? GREAT! brined pork chops with spaghetti squash | these pork chops were to die for, I loved the sweet/savory flavor that the brine gives. My spaghetti squash technique needs some work though… I baked it for double the time listed in the recipe …

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green curry shrimp

daisi - March 1, 2013
green curry shrimp_5

This meal was so delicious, I’d put it up against the green curry at my favorite thai place. Considering how easy it was and how healthy, I will certainly be making it again in the near future.  More on this later, but I am in the process of attempting to eliminate processed foods from my life. It’s been challenging, but with the help of 100 …

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the best of 2012

daisi - December 30, 2012
best of 2012 - resized

I’ve taken a look back to see what the most popular recipe posts of 2012 were… some are a bit surprising. I had forgotten about some, yeah, my memory is great. Were these some of your favorites as well? {january 2012} Of course January resulted in a healthy breakfast smoothie as everyone was making their resolutions and such. The smoothie is easy and healthy and a …

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menu/life recap: the final stretch

daisi - December 29, 2012

Okay, since this recap is LONG overdue, it’s going to cover the past 6 weeks. I’ll keep it short and sweet with pics and links. Here goes… [week 46 – november 12 – november 18] skillet vegetarian curry chicken noodle soup slow cooker beef curry [week 47 – november 19 – november 25] work thanksgiving luncheon – pioneer woman’s mashed potatoes thanksgiving with the fam …

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Skillet Vegetarian Curry

daisi - November 11, 2012

This recipe was originally posted way back in January 2011 [see original here]- but I am making it for dinner tonight so I thought I’d bring it up to the top just in case you may have missed it. It’s full of flavor and healthy – enjoy!!!  here’s what you’ll need: 1 large potato, peeled and cut into 1-inch pieces 1 large sweet potato, peeled …

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Indian Pizza

daisi - February 6, 2012

Last week, I made an Indian Pizza inspired by this Rachael Ray recipe. I say “inspired by” because I changed a lot of it to suit my personal tastes. The result was an exotic, flavorful pizza. Feel free to try my version or hers, I’m positive you’ll love them both. It was also a very quick meal, ideal for a weeknight. Here’s what you’ll need: …

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Slow-Cooker Indian Curry

daisi - February 4, 2012

You know me and how much I love a slow-cooker recipe. And I love to try new things. The Crockpot 365 Blog is a great resource for finding delicious and easy recipes for your crockpot. I decided to try this Indian curry dish and it was pretty tasty. Full disclosure, I am more of a Thai curry person, than an Indian curry person. But as …

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Menu Recap [Week 4]

daisi - January 27, 2012
menu recap blue

Since I was such a slacker last week, I went on recipe overload this week. On Sunday, I went to a super amazing store in OKC that is full of exotic, delicious, and CHEAP food called Super Cao Nguyen. Go, if you live in OKC, it’s quite the experience. Anyway, I found some naan, which I love, for a WAY better price than our grocery …

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Chicken & Peas Curry

daisi - November 28, 2011

Very rarely do I remember recipes I’ve seen in magazines or online when I’m done for the day. This one, however, stuck with me for some reason. Probably because I love curry and had never cooked with lamb (still haven’t for the record). Whatever the reason this recipe stuck with me, I’m glad it did because it was a super easy meal to make and …

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Meatless Mondays: Vegetable Curry

daisi - January 10, 2011

It’s that time of year when we all start making resolutions. One of mine is to eat meatless at least one day each week in 2011. My previous post about meatballs proves that I am a solid carnivore, however, eating less meat is beneficial on many levels. Here are some of my favorite reasons, in no particular order.First, your body: Limit your risk of cancer …

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